Apart from being a concert performer, Oleg also deals in second-hand instruments and is the official representative of musical instrument factory AKKO in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Voronezh Musical Instrument Factory AKKO was founded in 1991 by Vladimir Avralev, an honoured artist of Russia. Today, the company is the largest producer of instruments incorporating hand-made reeds on a single large plate in Russia and the rest of the world.

Following the best traditions of the musical instrument industry, the company has designed, developed, and applied its own engineering concepts to the product manufacturing process. The practical use of new ideas has allowed AKKO to advance the sound of its instruments, by providing each accordion with unique and distinctive voice characteristics.

The factory’s product line consists of more than sixty different accordion models. The wide range of accordions offered by the enterprise includes smaller instruments for children, as well as masterpieces for professional players. In order to reduce transition problems for children who mature and switch to playing on bigger instruments, AKKO builds smaller models in accordance with the technical details of the actual concert instruments, with the same angle of the keyboards, the same distance between buttons, and also five rows for the right hand.

The enterprise concentrates on modern and attractive design solutions for its products. Next to that, the acoustics and structural features of AKKO accordions are constantly improving in quality, complying with modern demand. The instruments are specially designed to deliver a wide spectrum of music styles, including classical and folk music, jazz and musette.

AKKO’s accordions are made of the best Russian materials and the finest imported supplies from Italy, Sweden and Germany. All of the stock components are manually processed by artisans. The enterprise specializes in producing custom-built instruments. Clients can adjust the range, select the quantity of chin registers and bellow folds, the colour of the instrument, the way the reeds are tuned, either dry or wet (unison or tremolo), and choose between “B” or “C” keyboard button systems.

AKKO provides a twelve month warranty service and after that assistance for all of the company’s products.

The factory actively supports music culture in Russia. AKKO sponsors a wide variety of contests and festivals, sustains young talent and funds the publication of literature for traditional instruments. Annually, AKKO hosts the Voronezh Festival of Vladimir Avralev, where top performers demonstrate their virtuosity.